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Myvi is 1.3-1.5 cc, Range Rover is 3.0 cc but what about your own cc?

Do you know that we also have our own cc? To determine your cc, it is based on our age, height and gender. This is what I use to calculate an individual's cc since we are restricted to meeting people right now. Before MCO, I use my favourite Tanita scale to get this number. This is called BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), everyone's BMR is different. It ranges from 1000 cal (for a petite female) to 2200 cal (male).

I like to use car cc to describe since it is easier for the general people to understand rather than calories. Calories sometimes sound a little technical for people to follow, people got scared which hinder people to eat better. The word "diet" may have misconstrued by many, let me remind you that a diet is not about skipping food nor eating salad. The question now is why I bring up this topic ? If you like to know how to maintain lean physique, reduce your belly or muffin top then read on....

Imagine your cc is 1200 cal per day and your typical eating habit may look like this

Breakfast Nasi Lemak approx 640 cal

Latte approx 190 cal

Lunch Chicken Rice approx 600 cal

soft drink approx 140 cal

Snack pastries approx 300 cal

Milo approx 90 cal

Dinner Rice & Dishes approx 500 cal


Total Calories 2460 cal

There is a calorie surplus of 1260 on this day. So question now is where did this 1260 cal go in your body? Assuming that you go for a run or a workout, calories burned is only average of 400 cal. Imagine there is no exercise at all. Little by little there is this accumulation of extra calories per day on a daily basis, and eventually you may not be able to fit into your jeans anymore.

Skipping breakfast is also a common habit, reasons given are "on diet", "not used to it" or "no time". This is no way better than excess calories scenario mentioned above. Imagine the night before where you have 'fasted' as least six hours and now prolonged to lunch time. As a result our body do not have the capabilities to burn calories and will put on 'protective mode', and by this means fat storage. Ever wondered why a Polar Bear can hibernate for months during cold winters?

When you are a Myvi please do not eat like a Range Rover! Don't under eat nor over eat, eat according to your own BMR. I will do all the counting and your job is to follow daily for 10 days only and see how. #resultsguaranteed

I am known as #iamyourmakancoach also as #getfitwithrandall, I provide coaching on both 80% Nutrition Habit and 20% Active Lifestyle Habit (80/20 rule). It is after all you are what you eat. My program is easily adaptable and is meant for day to day working people like you and me, this means I do not promote eating salad or juice diet. My philosophy is sustainability. 10 days Makan Coaching trial is what you need to get started for only RM199. Buzz me if you like to know more.

Thank you for reading

Live Well and Prosper,

Randall Wong,51


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